Minigore is a basic dual-stick shooter featuring a control stick on the left to control the character and another on the right to aim and fire your weapon. The firing stick can be switched to an auto-aim button before the difficulty selection so that the app prioritises and destroy the enemies in order of threat. Keep in mind however, that your weapon may not have the firepower to destroy all furries if you run into a large mob of them.


In Minigore, clovers are power-ups. If you collect three of them then your character enters beast mode. Each time you enter beast mode, your beast levels up. The higher the level, the longer it lasts.

Lvl 1: Crazy Pork

Lvl 2: El Toro

Lvl 3: Minitauro

Lvl 4: Jackass

Lvl 5: Raging Bull

Lvl 6: Berserker

Lvl 7: Bruja

Lvl 8: Bulldozer

Lvl 9: Razorback

Lvl 10: Infernal Beast

Collecting existing clovers while in beast mode restores your timer bar. You cannot unlock more clovers during this time. Furries and Mega Furries take off corresponding amounts of your timer bar. A bonus of beast mode is double kills:

Mini Furry-2


Mega Furry-20

Fur Bomb-12

Predator Furry-14

A good strategy for killing Mega Furries is setting off Fur Bombs near it.


Your weapon by default is a machine gun with unlimited ammo.

Every so often, a crate appears from killing an enemy. picking it up gives you either a grenade launcher or shotgun. If you pick two crates up, you get dual wielding, which has faster fire rate and damage. Unless the character dual wields by default, you cannot dual wield one weapon and a machine gun.

To upgrade a the weapon of a character with grenade launcher or shotgun as default, merely pick up that weapon crate.

Crates change weapons every 5 seconds. Destroying a crate sets off a ring of bullets which damage nearby enemies and usually sets off all Fur Bombs on screen.


There are currently only a forest and snow map, each with inferno mode.