The Halloween Episode of minigore was released on the 26th of October 2010. It includes Undead Jenny Gore and a new kill system.

Game CenterEdit

Game Center logo

This update also added the game center to the game. It is a online multiplayer social network for the ipod. Minigore used to use Open feint leaderboards and achievements, but changed to Game Center.

New FeaturesEdit

This Episode introduced a lot of new features they include:


- New playable character Undead Jenny who is as lethal as she is dead.

- New scoring system with multipliers.

- Minigore now fully supports Game Center and has removed Openfeint. Don't worry though,


- iPod Touch 4G support.

- Fixed flip screen bug on iPhone 4.

- Multiple graphical improvements, including muzzle flash for all weapons.

- Remade better looking snow level.

- Animated hearts as health indicators.