Title - WIP 06 (Cover)

John Gore with a shotgun

The Shotgun is a secondary weapon that you can pick up from a crate. It bursts multiple bullets at once, (depending what level you are). The shotgun can shoot 20 rounds (For one crate).


Like the grenade launcher, the shotgun can be upgraded. Every level has it's own name. Every few levels the shotgun shoots more bullets at once. Below are the names of the levels.

Level 1: Bucky Boy

Level 2: Lil Johnny

Level 3: Buckshot

Level 4: Mr. Crowley

Level 5: Boomstick

Level 6: The Vice

Level 7: McJustice

Level 8: Intestinal Reorginizer

Level 9: The Grindhouse

Level 10: The Decapitator


  • Enviro-Bear starts with a shot gun and has unlimited ammunition.
  • The shotgun in minigore is double barrelled.