"I see this maggot every night!"--John Gore

The Wormwolf is an enemy in Minigore that is supposedly a cross
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between a worm and a wolf.


Wormwolfs have a furry head with a snout, beady eyes and sharp teeth. They have long segmented bodies; with each individual segment being round and spherical. Wormwolfs are also coloured green.

Wormwolfs move in circles and tend to jump around. When the head or a segment is shot, it becomes darker. If it is shot more, it will eventually turn red. Shooting after it turns red will destroy the segment. If a segment is left un-shot, it will grow a head and become a new wormwolf. Depending on how long you take to kill it, killing
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the wormwolf(s) will usually end the night.

Wormwolfs only appear at night after more than 500 kills (on Normal difficulty). On any other difficulty they will appear at night regardless of how many kills you have. They also come in different lengths and sizes.